Hot Caipirinha Cocktail – try it during the cold days

A couple of weeks ago I was in a bar around Freiburg and it was freezing cold outside. Looking through their menu card I was in a situation I could not decide for a hot drink or one of their fancy (unfortunately freezing cold) cocktails. I remembered that I got some caipi glasses a couple of years ago with some fabric applied for hot drinks. So I asked myself if it would be possible to create a hot caipirinha cocktail. And it absolutely is possible :-) I guess somebody else had that idea before so I would not say I invented it, but I want to spread the word. So have a try!

Hot Caipirinha Cocktail – The recipe

7cl Cachaca (I absolutely prefer Ypioca)
3/4 Lime
2 heaped teaspoons of brown sugar
Hot water

Cut the lime into 12 pieces and use 9 of them for the drink. Put them into a caipirinha glass and add the sugar. Squeeze the limes thoroughly with a pestle. Afterwards add the Cachaca and stir it well. Now slowly fill the glass with the hot water and stir simultaneously.  Enjoy your hot caipirinha cocktail. But be aware it may hit you :-)

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